Dear NYC, we are forever grateful.

Indoor dining may be back at 25% in NYC, but it's not nearly enough to get restaurants through this brutal winter. More than 1,000 NYC restaurants have closed during the pandemic, from Michelin-starred stand-outs like Uncle Boons to much loved neighborhood stand-bys like Me Me's Diner. This is an extinction-level event for NYC restaurants, and the time to act is now. Restaurants are the life force of our city, and it's time for us to show them just how much we care.

Introducing, Supper Club from Summerlong Wine Co. — a 100% charitable dinner program designed to do one thing — make sure our favorite restaurants are still here come summer.

The best part is, in addition to giving back, as a member you'll enjoy exclusive dishes (only available through Supper Club), created by a once-in-a-lifetime, dream team of NYC restaurants representing 15 different cuisines, and cooking some of the most exciting & inventive food anywhere.

Thank you to the 1,000+ New Yorkers who signed up and enjoyed incredible meals for 4 months from January to May. We are forever grateful for your generosity.

How it works.

• You will receive 1 dinner per week from a different restaurant every week, for a total of 8 dinners over 2 months. In order to ensure the restaurants benefit equally, you will not be able to pick your 8 restaurants from among the 16. Delivery for 2-Month Supper Club memberships will begin on March 16th

• Each dinner is priced at $55 for a 3-course meal and feeds 1 person (app, main, & dessert) - tip included, sales tax not included

• The total cost is $440 (8 dinners x $55), and 100% goes directly to each restaurant immediately to provide the funds they need to survive this winter

For 2-Month memberships we are only offering the delivery option. Delivery is a $10 per dinner fee, 100% of which goes directly to our amazing, in-house Supper Club delivery team. Our delivery radius is very extensive, find out where we deliver in our FAQ

• You can select from 2 payment options - A) a one-time, up-front payment of $520 (8 x $55 + $10 delivery fee) + tax or B) a weekly, automatically recurring payment of $70/week + tax. Please see our FAQ for a full breakdown of your purchase options

• Each of our talented chefs has designed an exclusive prix fixe, chef's tasting menu for Supper Club. View the menus here and visit @summerlongsupperclub. Customizations and substitutions will not be offered to best support our chefs.

Make your money do 2X the good - we've donated 100 memberships ($100K) to NYC healthcare workers. It's a win-win, supporting restaurants and our heatlhcare heroes at the same time. You can donate too - just indicate the Supper Club weeks you'd like to donate to NYC healthcare workers during checkout

If you're excited about the program but still have unanswered questions, please check out our FAQ first, and then email Vinay & Dan (,