Meadowsweet Supper Club Menu

*Beverages on their way -- please check this space later this evening!*


First Course - Winter greens & citrus salad - kale, chicories, navel & blood oranges, grapefruit, manchego, membrillo vinaigrette & fine herbs

Second Course - Roasted chicken roualde - mushroom-truffle farce, roasted sauerkraut, spaetzle, delicata squash, brussels, apple butter & jus

Third Course - Rosewater panna cotta - passionfruit & blueberries


First Course - Mix greens, citrus, fine herbs and manchego with membrillo vinaigrette and season with salt & pepper. Serve in your favorite bowl or plate. Enjoy!

Second Course - Preheat oven to 400F. Slice chicken as slick or thin as you want and roast until just warm along with the roasted sauerkraut-delicata squash-brussel sprout mix and chicken jus. Begin by plating the apple butter, placing sauerkraut-delicata-brussel mix on top. Finish with chicken and chicken jus.

Third Course - Unmold panna cotta into your favorite bowl or plate. Drizzle passionfruit and finish with blueberries.



First Course - dairy

Second Course - gluten, dairy & cooked egg

Third Course - dairy & gelatin