Llama Inn Supper Club

*Beverages will be available starting next week.*


First Course - bok choy salad, huacatay caesar, grapes, candied sunflower seeds.

Second Course - creamy aji amarillo braised chicken thigh, jasmine rice, soft boiled egg, alfonzo olives

Third Courselime pie, graham cracker crust, burnt meringue.



First Course - If you like caesar salad dressing, let us introduce you to this gem. Move over kale, make way for baby bok choy. What is huacatay you ask ? A strong, aromatic herb grown in the Peruvian andes. Also known as Peruvian black mint. It tastes like a blend of basil, spearmint and citrus with notes of tarragon. For this salad, almost everything is packed separately so we can assure the best final result. Almost as if you were sitting in our dinning room. Its gonna take a little elbow grease but I know you wont be disappointed. There’s 2. Dressings to this salad white balsamic vinaigrette and huacatay caesar. First you want to lightly dress the bok choy leaves and grapes with the white balsamic vinaigrette. You can do it in the container itself or in a mixing bowl. Then you can drizzle the caesar and candied sunflower seeds all over it. Now you are ready to work on our kitchen salad station.

Second Course - Aji de gallina translates to chilli pepper hen, but in this case we use chicken. Lightly spicy and bright yellow from the famous aji Amarillo pepper with a creamy walnut and cheese sauce. This dish is a good example of the African influence on our cuisine. This can be easily heated in the microwave. Remove lids and put both rice and chicken in the microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Once hot, add your egg, and olive. No microwave no problem. Use a skillet and put about a cup of water, preferably chicken stock if you have some. Let it heat up, add your aji de gallina sauce ( the yellow sauce on the chicken), place your chicken leg on the sauce and cover it with a lid at medium low heat. Cook it up for about 4 to 5 minutes, or till the middle of the chicken is hot. If the sauce begins to dry up add a dash of water or chicken stock. To heat up your rice, you will need a small pot or skillet. Add a dash of water (about 1/4 cup of water), and put a lid on it at a medium low heat for about 4 minutes or until the rice feels hot. Plating: On a plate, place hot rice first, then the chicken, and follow by the aji de gallina sauce on top of the chicken, place your egg and olive in the middle and enjoy

Third Course - The famous Llama Inn's lime pie, its delicious, if you don’t believe me ask Food Network -- “the best thing I ever ate.” You want the recipe we got you !! Nothing really special here, but to enjoy with a spoon. Its also good the next day, so if you cant finish, don’t worry. Have it for breakfast. 



• First Course - oysters in the caesar dressing, gluten in the caesar dressing 

• Second Course - walnuts, dairy, and gluten in the sauce 

• Third Course - dairy, gluten