La Vara Supper Club Menu

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First Course - Pulpo de Roca - spanish octopus, olive oil, citrus, chile, heirloom beans

Second Course - Presa Iberica  a la Plancha - imported noble cut from Spanish acorn-fed black pig served with Canary Island-style salt-cooked new potato.

Third Course - Basque Cheesecake with salted Chantilly



First Course - Bring to room temp before serving. Mix with the beans and oil and pour into small bowl. Sprinkle on the smoked paprika to taste and hit with a little sea salt if you wish. 

Second Course - Bring the the pork to room temperature before re-heating in small pan. Remove from the bag, pat dry, and lightly season meat all over with olive oil. Lightly oil and heat a small pan (preferably nonstick) on medium heat. Add meat and sear on all sides by rolling around in the pan. Do not use super high heat, and keep rolling the surface of the meat around to achieve even browning. Should take ~4-6 minutes. When you are satisfied with the color, remove meat from the pan and let it rest for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the potatoes can be re-warmed in a microwave for 30 seconds or on the stovetop in another pan. If you chose stovetop, use a little oil to get them going. To serve, spoon a puddle of the green Tximitxurri sauce onto the plate. Slice the pork and arrange on top of sauce. Serve with potatoes and any remaining jus.

Third Course - Top with salted Chantilly cream and enjoy!



First Course - octopus

Second Course - pork

Third Course - dairy, eggs