Kintsugi Supper Club Menu


First Course - Kani salad -  Crab stick, cucumber, corn, carrot, lettuce, mango with kewpie mayo

Second Course - Bara-Chirashi - Freshly Diced Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Whitefish, Mackerel, Uni, Ikura, Eel on Sushi Rice

Third Course - Japanese Strawberry Tart  - Japanese Strawberry Tart with Fresh Pastry Cream in Pâté Brisee Tart


No re-heating needed, everything can be eaten at room temperature, for the best quality, keep the package chilled and eat within 24 hours, 48 hours max.


First Course - Fish, dairy, egg
Second Course - Fish, shellfish, soy
Third Course - Dairy, strawberry, gluten, egg

- Beverage MenU -

Welcome to the Kintsugi beverage menu! Here you can purchase beverages to be delivered with your Kintsugi dinner. Each cocktail has been created by the chef to best complement their Supper Club menu. Each wine & beer offering has been carefully curated to do the same. Beverages will be available for purchase every Monday until midnight for delivery with the coming week's meal. 

Supper Club Cocktail - Murasaki (For 1)
Supper Club Cocktail - Murasaki (For 1)

Supper Club Cocktail - Murasaki (For 1)

House-made Violet syrup, Extra Dry Sake, Fresh Yuzu juice. 6 ounces. Only available through Supper Club