Glasserie Supper Club Menu

*Beverages will be available starting next week.*


First Course - Winter vegetable tabouli & whipped feta 

Second Course - Stuffed quail, majadra, brussels & cider

Third Course - Pistachio lemon layer cake



1. Heat oven to 500F for 15 minutes
2. Place the covered aluminum pan in the preheated oven for 20 minutes
3. Pour contents of sauce container (S) into small skillet - do not heat just yet
4. Place contents of salad in bowl and dress with salt and vinaigrette (V) to taste. Plate alongside whipped feta (F)
5. Remove aluminum pan from oven, let cool for 1 minute and remove both aluminum and paper lid, Let cool another minute
6. Return uncovered aluminum pan to oven for 5 additional minute and remove from oven
7. Heat skillet with sauce (S) and pour over bird
8. Temper cake for 30 minutes before eating



First Course - vegetarian, contains dairy

Second Course - contains pork

Third Course - vegetarian, contains pistachios, contains gluten