Atoboy Supper Club Menu

*Beverages will be available starting next week.*


First Course - Gangjang Braised Lotus Root

Second Course - Confit Salmon, Fennel & Carrot Salad with Gochugaru Dressing

Third Course - Roasted Spicy Chicken with Jerk Cabbage Salad



First Course - Enjoy at room temp.

Second Course - Pour salad dressing and mix. Enjoy at room temp.

Third Course - Heat up for 2 mins in microwave or 10-15 mins in oven(350F).



First Course - Gluten, Sesame, Allium, Soy

Second Course - Gluten, Fish, Cilantro, Soy, Coconut

Third Course - Gluten, Bivalves, Soy, Meat, Allium, Peanuts