About Us

Summerlong Supper Club is the brainchild of Summerlong Wine Company, and was created in collaboration with ROAR. As winemakers and staunch New Yorkers we were looking for a way to give back to the restaurants we love & admire, and so the Supper Club was born.

After 2 months working furiously behind the scenes, we're very proud to offer this program to you, and give all of us a chance to show our NYC restaurants just how much we care. 100% of proceeds from the Supper Club will go directly to our participating restaurants in January, we do not take a cut of any kind.

Lastly, while we can only feature a limited number of restaurants, many more are at risk and need help. If you're able to do more, please visit ROAR to find out how.

Now is the time for selfless acts of kindness.

Grazie Mille,
Vinay Gupta,
Ila Byrne,
Lynnette Marrero,
& Daniel Luciano